Guy II, Marquis of Namur

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Guy II, Marquis of Namur
Noble family House of Dampierre
Father John I, Marquis of Namur
Mother Mary of Artois
Born 1312
Died 12 March 1336(1336-03-12)

Guy II of Namur, (1312 – 12 March 1336), was Count of Namur from 1335 to 1336.

He was the second son of John I, Marquis of Namur, and Mary of Artois.

He participated in 1332 on the side of the Count of Flandres against the Duke of Brabant, in the war over Mechelen. He succeeded his brother John II as Count of Namur on 2 April 1335. Under influence of his younger brother Robert of Namur, he recognized King Edward III of England as his Lord, in exchange for a pension.

He also participated in the War against Scotland with 300 men, but was surprised by a larger Scottish force under John Randolph, 3rd Earl of Moray in the Battle of Boroughmuir. Guy was taken prisoner, but released for ransom. After his return to Namur, he participated in a tournament in Flanders, where he was mortally wounded.

He was succeeded by his younger brother Philip.


Guy II, Marquis of Namur
Born: 1312 Died: 12 March 1336
Preceded by
John II
Marquis of Namur Namur Arms.svg
Succeeded by
Philip III