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Guy Manoukian (Arabic: غي مانوكيان‎, Armenian: Կի Մանուկեան) is a Lebanese-Armenian musician, composer and pianist. He is a university graduate in law. He was also a basketball player in the Lebanese Basketball League.


Guy Manoukian played the piano from the age of four after he started studying classical music. He first appeared on television at the age of 6 and was invited to play at the Lebanese presidential palace by the age of 7. Manoukian composed music at the age of 8 and won his first competition. He started performing professional concerts in 1997. Guy Manoukian is married and has two sons


  • 1997: Angham
  • 1998: The Revolt
  • 1999: Senses
  • 2003: Sarab
  • 2005: Live in Cairo
  • 2009: Assouman

His music also appeared in collections like "The REG Project" (2001), "Arabia Night" (2006), Bellylicious (2006), "Experience Egypt" (2006), "Ultimate Discotheque Orientale" (2007), "Fashion TV Arabia" (2007)

Manoukian Music[edit]

Guy Manoukian established Manoukian Music, specializing in producing music and sound design for films, artists, concept albums and advertisements.


  • Best Dance Album at the Armenian Music Awards in Los Angeles
  • Best Arabic Tune of the Year for the music of Harem (Lebanon 2002)
  • Best dance Album at the Arabian Music Awards (Dubai 2003)

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