Guy of Ibelin (1286–1308)

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Guy of Ibelin
Lord of Nicosia
Armoiries Ibelin.svg
The Ibelin coat of arms
BuriedAbbey of Bellapais near Kyrenia
Noble familyHouse of Ibelin
Spouse(s)Isabella of Ibelin
IssueAlix of Ibelin
FatherBalian of Ibelin
MotherAlice of Lampron

Guy of Ibelin (1286–1308), Lord of Nicosia,[1] was the son of Balian of Ibelin, seneschal of the kingdom of Cyprus, and of Alice of Lampron.

In 1303, with papal dispensation, he married his cousin Isabella of Ibelin,[2] daughter of Baldwin of Ibelin and of Marguerite de Giblet. Their only child was Alix of Ibelin, second wife of Hugh IV of Cyprus.

Guy was buried on September 8, 1308 in the Premonstratensian Abbey of Bellapais near Kyrenia, Cyprus.[3]


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