Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company

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Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1991
Headquarters GT&T Telephone House, 69 Brickdam, Georgetown, Guyana
Key people
Justin Nedd, CEO
Products Wireless
Owner 80% owned by Atlantic Tele-Network Inc, 20% owned by the government of Guyana
Number of employees

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company is a fixed Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) based in Guyana, South America. It is the largest provider of telecommunication services in Guyana with a subscriber base exceeding three hundred thousand in a country with an average population of seven hundred thousand.[1] Its parent company is the Atlantic Tele-Network.


As part of its economic reform program, the Government of Guyana chose to privatize telecommunications toward the end of the 1980s. In 1990 the Atlantic Tele-Network bought 80% of Guyana's telecommunications infrastructure from the government; GT&T was opened January 28, 1991. By September 2004, more than $195 million was invested to update and expand the infrastructure throughout Guyana.[2]


GT&T provides local, long distance and international voice services; they also offer prepaid cards for use with land lines. International voice traffic is carried for GT&T by Verizon; international collect calling is provided through agreements with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Call Home Telecom, Bell Canada, Telus and British Telecom. The Earth Station in Thomas Lands, Georgetown receives and relays international voice and data traffic.

GT&T provides wireless TDMA and GSM services under the names Cellink and Cellink Plus; a prepaid service is also available with the 'Freedom Phone' and its prepaid cards. Their data provision is through the GT&T Frame Relay Network, hosted with Nortel Solutions. DSL service is available for business and residential customers through their Guyana Online (GOL) service; internet traffic for GT&T is handled by UUNET Technologies.

GT&T recently (July 2010) completed Guyana's first submarine fiber optic cable which is launched under the brand name "emagine".

GT&T also publishes the Guyana Telephone Directory.


Many of the main offices are located in Georgetown, Guyana. The Corporate Headquarters campus is divided into the Telephone House which holds the commercial headquarters of the company as well as customer service call centers and the operator service center. The Executive Suite, which has its own entrance, parking and security houses the office space of key employees and executives. The Human Resources offices have a separate building. The Residential Service Unit, houses the residential and government services offices and the collections office. The Central Telegraph Office houses telegram and telegraph services, accounting and finance departments and the office of the Director of Customer Services. The Technical Headquarters in the Thomas Lands area also houses the International Earth Station.

The East Coast Office is located in Beteverwagting, Demerara. In addition to the Regional Manager, is also houses the domestic satellite station. Other commercial offices are located in Retrieve, Linden and New Amsterdam, Berbice.

GT&T also owns a web enabled outsourcing call center to Latin America and the Caribbean, Atlantic Tele-Center, Inc., based just outside Georgetown, Guyana.

Senior Management Team[edit]

Founder/Principal Shareowner (Cornelius B Prior) Board of Directors (Justin Benincasa (Chairman), Leonard Slap, Barry Fougere, Xun Xi, John Audet) Chief Executive Officer(Justin Nedd) Chief Technical Officer (Russell Davis) VP Finance and Corporate Controller (Mark Singh)


GT&T's main competitor is European-based Digicel, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica.[3]


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