Guyue Bridge

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Guyue Bridge
Guyue Bridge (Yiwu), Song Dynasty, China.jpg
Guyue Bridge in 2008
Crosses Dragon Creek
Locale Yiwu, Zhejiang, China
Official name 古月桥
Design Arch bridge
Stone bridge
Total length 31.2 m (102 ft)
Width 4.5 m (15 ft)
Height 4.15 m (14 ft)
Longest span 15 m (49 ft)
No. of spans 1
Construction end 1213
Opened 1213

The Guyue Bridge (simplified Chinese: 古月桥; traditional Chinese: 古月橋; pinyin: Gǔyuè Qiáo; literally: "Ancient Moon Bridge") is an arch bridge located in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, China.[1]


The bridge is located in Chi'an Town (simplified Chinese: 赤岸镇; traditional Chinese: 赤岸鎮; pinyin: Chì'àn Zhèn), and it's about 100-meter western of the Yazhi Street (雅治街). It goes across the Dragon Creek (traditional Chinese: 龍溪, simplified Chinese: 龙溪, pinyin: Lóng Xī).[2][3]

It is a single span arch bridge. The design is very special: more precisely, its structure feature is girder-arch, and the girders are arranged like ribs. Such a design can be found in the famous painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival of Song dynasty by Zhang Zeduan.[2]

The bridge was completed in 1213, the sixth year of the Jiading Era (Chinese: 嘉定; pinyin: Jiā Dìng), Southern Song dynasty. Since then it has never been rebuilt or repaired.[2][3]

On the body of the bridge are engraved 12 Chinese characters: Huangsong Jiading Guiyou Jiqiu Runyue Jianzao[3] (simplified Chinese: 皇宋嘉定癸酉季秋润月建造; traditional Chinese: 皇宋嘉定癸酉季秋閏月建造; pinyin: Huáng Sòng Jiā Dìng Guǐ Yǒu Jì Qiū Rùn Yuè Jiàn Zào),[1][2] which literally means: Constructed in Autumn September Imperial Song Jiangding Era the Year of Guiyou ("Huang" means Imperial. "Song" reveals Song dynasty. "Jiading" is an era 1208-1224 of the Emperor Ningzong of Song. "Guiyou" is the year 1213, it's the Sexagenary cycle-way to record years in traditional Chinese calendar. "Jiqiu" means the late autumn period of a year.

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