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Güzin Akdemir (born 1957, Adana) is a Turkish artist and painter.


Güzin Akdemir, born in 1957, is a Turkish artist living in Adana, Turkey. She has been painting professionally for over fifteen years and is also a keen sculptor. She is a member of the Society of Painters in Istanbul and in Adana; two of the prominent painters' associations in Turkey.

Güzin Akdemir predominantly concentrates on 'still lifes' and 'portraits of women', using oil on canvas or plywood. Women have always been her main inspiration and their calm, stagnant emotions hold sway over her work. Her work therefore harbors the complexity of their emotions, through their anxious, timid expressions and meditative, tranquil gazes.

Expressions of women in the artist's portraits convey a variety of emotion, and onlookers could find deep glances, fractured smiles along with maturity. Some indignant or tearful, some hesitant and some reminding us of our own anxieties and questions. This recurring theme is a loving expression of women's inner worlds that reflect their passions, and perhaps also a resentful gaze. The onlooker witnesses their inner loneliness, surrounded by longing and societal pressures. The portraits convey hope but also reticence. Yet still, they carry a light air that surrounds us with a smile.

The profile of this theme is predominantly well-groomed and educated, modern, middle class and individualistic. Often naive, but full of vibrant emotion.

She continues to work in her studios in Adana and Istanbul.



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