Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror

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The Great Conqueror
Promotional poster for Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror
Also known as King Gwanggaeto the Great
Written by Jo Myung-joo
Jang Ki-chang
Starring Lee Tae-gon
Kim Seung-soo
Im Ho
Park Jung-chul
Oh Ji-eun
Lee In-hye
Country of origin South Korea
No. of episodes 92
Executive producer(s) Lee Jae-yong
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Saturdays and Sundays at 21:40 (KST)
Original network KBS1
Original release June 4, 2011 (2011-06-04) – April 29, 2012 (2012-04-29)
Preceded by The King of Legend
Followed by The King's Dream
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Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror
Revised Romanization Gwanggaeto-taewang
McCune–Reischauer Kwanggaet'o-taewang

Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror, also known as King Gwanggaeto the Great, is a historical drama based on the life of the nineteenth monarch of Goguryeo, Gwanggaeto the Great. The drama was based on two sources, Gwanggaeto the Great by Jeong Jip, and Great Conquests of Gwanggaeto by Hyeong Minu.


Goguryeo, at the time of the protagonist's birth, is no longer powerful as it used to be. Prior to his birth, his grandfather, King Gogugwon was killed by the Baekje forces led by King Geunchogo. When his uncle King Sosurim died without an heir, his father King Gogugyang rose to the throne of Goguryeo. At the same time, they were also under attack by the Later Yan forces, led by none other than the Emperor of Later Yan himself, Murong Chui.

After his father's death, he rises to the throne and vows to restore Goguryeo to its former glory. His struggle would later form the basis of a popular Korean legend. He would regain land lost to Baekjae, and he will defeat many other smaller kingdoms in the process. Near the end of the story, he manages to obliterate Later Yan and later subjugated her as a sister state.


  • Lee Tae-gon as Damdeok (later as Supreme King Yeongnak,and afterwards Gwanggaeto the Great)
  • Kim Seung-soo as Go Un (also known as Gao Yun/Murong Un)Adopted son of Murong Bao and later king of Later Yan(Gae Yeonsu's son)
  • Im Ho as Murong Bao (Crown Prince of Later Yan)
  • Park Jung-chul as Asin(also king of Baekja)
  • Oh Ji-eun as Doyoung (Damdeok's childhood friend & first wife; Gae Yeonsu's daughter) killed in the battle of Wiryeseong
  • Lee In-hye as Yakyeon (Wife of Damdeok / Queen of Goguryeo; Ko Mu's stepdaughter)

Damdeok's followers

  • Bang Hyung-Joo as Yeo Seok-Gae
  • Kim Jung Hyun as Dol Bisu (Member of Cheongun)
  • Hong Kyung In as Yeon Salta (Killed in the battle of Sujuncheng)
  • Kim Chul Ki as Sagal Hyeon (Damdeok's Chief of Security;killed by Asin during the battle of Gwanmiseong)
  • Kim Jung-hwa as Seol Ji (Seol Doan's sister and later Damdeok's bodyguard)
  • Kim Young Ki as General Hae Mowol(servant of Gae Yeonsu and later Damdeok's follower)
  • Kim Jintae as Ko Mu (Damdeok's Grandfather and King Gogugwon's brother), died after the duel with Murong Chui during the second siege of Yodongseong Fortress by Later Yan and Biryeo Khitan forces
  • Nam Sung Jin as Ko Chang (Damdeok's Uncle and Ko Mu´s son)
  • Lee Won Bal as Mo Duyeong
  • Im Dae Ho as Mo Duru(elder brother of Mo Duyeong
  • Kim Myung Su as Hwang Hoe (leader of central army)

Later Yan army

Ministers of Goguryeo

  • Choi Dong Joon as Gae Yeonsu (Prime Minister of Goguryeo; killed by Damdeok during the coup attempt)
  • Oh Wook Chul as Ga Raji (executed for arranging assassination attempt of Damdoek which ended up killing Dammang instead)
  • Im Byung Ki as Yeo Soyi (executed for being involved in the coup attempt led by Gae Yeonsu)
  • Ban Suk Jin as Yeon Dobu (Yeon Salta's Father; also executed for being involved in the coup attempt led by Gae Yeonsu)
  • Sun Dong Hyuk as Gye Pil (appointed as Prime Minister upon the execution of Gae Yeonsu)
  • Choi Sang Hoon as Lee Young (damdeok's uncle and younger brother of king Gogugyang)

Royal family of Goguryeo

  • Jung Tae-woo as Dammang (Damdeok's elder brother; Saved Damdoek, sacrificed himself to pave the way for Damdoek; Killed by Houyan spies)
  • Song Yong Tae as Iryeon (also as King Gogugyang, Gwanggaeto's father)
  • Lee Bo-hee as Goya (Damdeok's mother; killed during the coup attempt)
  • Jo An as Damju (Damdeok's sister, Crown Princess of Later Yan/ Murong Bao's wife; Killed by Murong Xi)

The Malgals (Mohe), Rulers of the Grasslands

Other people

  • Lee Dal Hyung
  • Lee Dae Ro


  • When he was crowned as the nineteenth King of Goguryeo in 391, he choose his regal name "Yeongnak", thus known as Yeongnak the Great (영락태왕,永樂太王) or Yeongnak-taewang.
  • Upon his death in 413, his full posthumous name was Gukgangsang-gwanggaetogyeong-pyeongan-hotaewang (국강상광개토경평안호태왕,國岡上廣開土境平安好太王), which roughly means "Supremely Great King, Broad Expander of Territory, buried in Gukgangsang."
  • King Gwanggaeto is one of the only two monarchs of Korea who were given the title 'the Great' after their name (the other was King Sejong the Great of Joseon, who created the Korean Alphabet, Hangeul).

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