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Type Hangwa
Place of origin Korea
Main ingredients Fruit, starch, sugar
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Hangul 과편
Revised Romanization gwapyeon
McCune–Reischauer kwap'yŏn

Gwapyeon (literally "fruits cake") is a variety of hangwa or Korean traditional confectionery made by boiling fruits, starch, and sugar, until they reach a jellylike consistency. The fruits for the hangwa are Korean cherry, apricot, Chinese quince, and omija (Schisandra chinensis) which have a soft texture, large amounts of natural pectin and a tart-sweet flavor.[1] Apples, Korean pears and peaches are not used because if they are heated, the colors are not suitable for making gwapyeon. Starch, usually mung bean, functions as a gelling agent to solidify the mixed materials.[2]

It was used for special occasions such as janchi (잔치; feast or banquet).[3]

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