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KOCIS Korea Hanbok Symposium 0402 03 (8630794458).jpg
Type Hangwa
Course Dessert
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Main ingredients Fruits, honey
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Korean name
Hangul 과편
Hanja 果片
Revised Romanization gwapyeon
McCune–Reischauer kwap'yŏn
IPA [kwa.pʰjʌn]

Gwapyeon (과편; 果片) is a is a jelly-like hangwa (traditional Korean confection) made with fruits.[1] The colorful fruit jelly is commonly served at banquets.[2] This classic dessert was served in the royal court during the Joseon dynasty.[3]


Fruits with tart-sweet flavor and higher pectin content, such as Korean cherry, Chinese quince, apricot, mountain hawthorn, bokbunja, Oriental cherry, bog blueberry and magnolia berry are preferred for making gwapyeon.[3] The jelly can be made by boiling any of the above fruits in water, sieving it, then adding honey and simmering it for a long time on low heat.[2] Starch, agar, or other gelling agents can be used as a time-saver. Boiled fruit juice is then cooled in a mold until it solidifies. It is sliced into bite-size pieces.[2]

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