Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer

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Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer
Born 1961/1962 (age 56–57)[1]
Residence Rancho Santa Fe, California
Nationality American
Occupation Equestrian
Net worth $4.2 billion (February 2017)[1]
Children 2
Parent(s) Marion MacMillan Pictet
Relatives William W. Cargill (great-great-grandfather)
Whitney MacMillan (maternal uncle)

Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer (born 1961/62) is an American heiress and equestrian.[1][2][3]


Early life[edit]

She is a great-great-granddaughter of William W. Cargill, the founder of Cargill.[1] Her late mother was Marion MacMillan Pictet.[1][4]


A show jumper, she won the Prix Credit Suisse at the Geneva International Horse Show in 2011.[3] She also sponsors dressage.[5][6]

Personal life[edit]

She lives on Coral Reef Ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, California.[1][2][5][7] She is married, and has two children.[1] As of March 2012, she was estimated to be worth approximately US$3 billion.[1][2]


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