Gwendy's Button Box

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Gwendy's Button Box
First edition cover
AuthorStephen King,
Richard Chizmar
CountryUnited States
PublisherCemetery Dance
Publication date
May 16, 2017
Media typePrint (Hardcover)

Gwendy's Button Box is a horror novella by American writers Stephen King and Richard Chizmar.[1] It was announced by Entertainment Weekly on February 28, 2017.[2]. The American edition published by Cemetery Dance included illustrations by Keith Minnion. The French edition released by Le Livre de Poche in September 2018, reproduced those illustrations with brand new ones by the same artist.[3]

A sequel entitled Gwendy's Magic Feather, penned solely by Richard Chizmar is set for release on November of 2019.


The story takes place in King's fictional town of Castle Rock in 1974. Twelve-year-old Gwendy Peterson encounters a stranger in dark clothes and a black hat who invites her to "palaver".


"I had a story I couldn't finish, and [Chizmar] showed me the way home with style and panache," King said in a statement. In describing the writing process, Richard Chizmar said, "Steve sent me the first chunk of a short story. I added quite a bit and sent it back to him. He did a pass, then bounced it back to me for another pass. Then, we did the same thing all over again – one more draft each. Next thing you know, we had a full-length novella on our hands. We took a free hand in rewriting each other and adding new ideas and characters. The whole process took about a month."[2]


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