Gwere-Luzira Hydroelectric Power Station

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Gwere-Luzira Power Station
Country Uganda
Location Gwere-Luzira Village, Moyo District
Coordinates 03°40′12″N 31°46′52″E / 3.67000°N 31.78111°E / 3.67000; 31.78111Coordinates: 03°40′12″N 31°46′52″E / 3.67000°N 31.78111°E / 3.67000; 31.78111
Status Operational
Commission date 2009
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 0.5 kW (0.67 hp)
Nameplate capacity 0.5 kW (0.67 hp)

Gwere-Luzira Power Station is a 0.5 kW (0.67 hp) pico-hydroelectric power project located across River Amoa, in Moyo District, in Northern Uganda.


The power station is located in the Village of Gwere-Luzira, near the town of Metu, in Moyo District, West Nile sub-region. This location lies approximately 7.5 kilometres (4.7 mi), by road, northeast of Moyo, the location of the district headquarters and the largest town in the district.[1]


The power station is owned by the villagers of Gwere-Luzira Village, through their association called Lomgbwo Self-help Hydro Electricity Project, formed in 2009. Having raised an initial UGX:6 million (approximately US$3,000), they approached Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEP), a program of the German Company for International Cooperation (GIZ), a subsidiary of the German Federal Government. PREEP assisted with the purchase of the generation and transmission equipment. The villagers constructed the dam themselves with technical supervision from PREEP.[2]

As of June 2011, a total of UGX:17 million (approximately US$7,500) has been invested in the project. The power station has a capacity to generate 500Watts (0.5KW), enough to power 300 homes, each with two light bulbs. The project is economically self-sustaining and is able to employ three full-time employees. Plans are underway to increase power output to 5KW.[3]

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