Gwiazda Polarna

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Gwiazda Polarna
Gwiazda Polarna logo.jpg
Type Biweekly newspaper
Editor-in-chief Jacek Hilgier
Founded 1908 (1908)
Language Polish
Headquarters Stevens Point, Wisconsin
ISSN 0740-5944

Gwiazda Polarna (Polish for "Pole Star") is "America's oldest independent Polish-language newspaper." It has been published since 1908 in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.[1]


Gwiazda Polarna's name appears to have arisen from an English-language play on the word "Pole," which refers to a Polish person and also appears in the name of the Pole Star (in Polish, "gwiazda polarna").

The newspaper was founded in 1908.[2]


Gwiazda Polarna is a general-interest newspaper dealing with current world events, Polish-American affairs, American history and culture, Polish history and culture, and the world's history and cultures. Gwiazda Polarna is published biweekly by Point Publications, Inc., with Library of Congress ISSN 0740-5944.[3]

The newspaper's editorial and business office is at 2804 Post Road, Stevens Point, WI 54481-6452. Email address is[3] The current publisher and editor-in-chief is Jacek Hilgier.[3] Information drawn from Gwiazda Polarna articles appears in a number of English Wikipedia articles.


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