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The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce' is Gwinnett County, Georgia's non-profit, member-funded business advocacy organization, representing a number of businesses within Gwinnett and the metro Atlanta region.

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce hired seven new staff members and created national and global marketing teams after Gwinnett County revamped its development strategy in 2007 to prevent the slowing of the area's job growth. The Gwinnett Chamber recently won five projects —including a 75-job expansion of Habasit America, a Suwanee, Ga., belting company, and a 300-job unit of California's YesVideo Inc., which transfers VHS to DVD. The Gwinnett Chamber is responsible for bringing at least 5,000 new jobs to the county in the past 24 months.[1]

The Gwinnett Chamber represents business organizations seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, region, state or nation through voluntary networks and societies.[2] The Gwinnett Chamber builds stronger communities by focusing on business, civic, and political priorities in the local and regional community to ensure a high quality of life. These issues include transportation and water; education and workforce development; revitalization and redevelopment; healthcare; arts and culture; and protecting our pro-business environment. Employing over 750,000 workers across the metro Atlanta and Georgia Innovation Crescent regions, The Gwinnett Chamber works to create jobs and wealth, strengthen community and quality of life and grow businesses.[3]

Mission Statement[edit]

"To serve as the voice for business to create and grow quality job opportunities while enhancing the community's quality of life."


The idea of a community-based institution to represent the unified interests of Gwinnett County businesses was first organized on May 22, 1947. Since its inception, Gwinnett County continues promoting target industry efforts across the world, with nearly 3,000 members representing large and small, domestic and international businesses. The Gwinnett Chamber is at the center of Gwinnett's growth and development, and facilitates the establishment of new businesses and the expansion of existing ones.[4] For more than 60 years, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce has worked to promote the business, educational and cultural resources in the county.[5]

Board of Directors[edit]

  • Dr. Daniel Kaufman, President and CEO

Economic Development[edit]

Partnership Gwinnett[edit]

In 2007, the Gwinnett Chamber economic development initiative, Partnership Gwinnett, was formed to focus on the recruitment and expansion of target industry sectors which include: health care and life sciences, distribution and trade, headquarters and regional offices, information technology, and advanced communications.[6] With extensive research complete, the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce along with partners in government, education, healthcare and business are readily implementing Gwinnett's Community and Economic Development Plan known as Partnership Gwinnett. The plan will serve to create over 65,000 new jobs and $5.8 billion in new net wealth in Gwinnett over the next five years.[7]

In June 2008, the American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) chose Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce Economic Development initiative, Partnership Gwinnett, from among more than 200 Chamber entries to win the largest recognition for economic and community development initiatives, the Award of Excellence. The Awards for Communication Excellence (ACE) is an annual competition that recognizes excellence in all areas of communications.[8][9]

Its vision is that Gwinnett will be known as an inclusive community where businesses thrive and residents maximize their potential through world-class schools, opportunities for lifelong learning, a vibrant economy, diverse partnerships and a superior quality of life.


  • Partnership Gwinnett Summit[10]
  • hYPe: Young Professionals[11]
  • Gwinnett Technology Forum[12]
  • Manufacturers' Appreciation Breakfast[13]
  • MACE: Metro Atlanta Council for Entrepreneurship[14]
  • Annual Chamber Dinner[15]
  • Business After Hours[16]
  • Pinnacle Small Business Awards[17]
  • Leadership Gwinnett[18]
  • Big Expo & Job Fair[19]

On the Issues[edit]

Community Enhancements[edit]


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