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King of Ergyng
Reign c. 615 - c. 619
Predecessor Cynfyn
Successor Gwrgan Fawr
Issue Erfig
Father possibly Amlawdd Wledig

King Gwrfoddw (died c. 619) was the King of Ergyng, a south-east Welsh kingdom of the early medieval period. He usurped the throne from Gwrgan ap Cynfyn.


According to the Book of Llandaff, Gwrfoddw was victorious against the Anglo-Saxons and granted lands on the Wye to the Bishops of Ergyng in thanks. Dr. Wendy Davies calculates his reign to have taken place between about 615 and 619. His son, Erfig, was ousted upon his death in favour of King Cynfyn's son, Gwrgan Fawr.

Alternative interpretation[edit]

Some popular researchers identify Gwrfoddw with 'Gwrfoddw Hen', a son of Amlawdd Wledig and therefore the maternal uncle of King Arthur. This is considered unlikely however, since the traditional Arthurian period was in the late 5th or early 6th century.

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