Gwynn Oak, Maryland

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Gwynn Oak is an unincorporated community in the northwestern part of Baltimore City, Maryland, United States. It is near the Baltimore city line. Gwynn Oak is mostly in the areas of Liberty Road and Windsor Mill Road paralleling until city limits. It is similar[clarification needed] to Woodlawn, Milford Mill, Windsor Mill, and Garwyn Oaks (in the city). The western edge of the community lie just outside Woodlawn, MD town center, north-east of Windsor Mill Road where Woodlawn Drive (formerly MD-126) becomes Gwynn Oak Avenue. The community is home to Gwynn Oak Park.

Significant roads and approximate road borders of the community consist of:

Gwynn Oak (Baltimore County)

  • Windsor Mill Road
  • Kernan Drive - A road for motorists around the Gwynn Oak area and Northwest Baltimore.
  • Woodlawn Drive
  • Gwynn Oak Avenue (In County line)

A Muslim enclave has been created in Gwynn Oak, consisting of Muslim immigrants and African-American converts. The project is led by John Yahya Cason, director of the Islamic Education and Community Development Initiative.