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György Bernády portrait

György Bernády (Bethlen, 10 April 1864 – Târgu Mureş, 22 October 1938) was the mayor of Târgu Mureş twice, 1900–1912 and 1926–1929. In this period the City Hall and the Cultural Palace in Târgu Mureș on the Roses Square were both built. His name is associated with public illumination and sewerage in the city. In this period many schools, libraries and art galleries were also built.


He was born to Hungarian parents. His father, Dániel Bernády was an apothecary. György studied in Marosvásárhely and Budapest. He had a son, Györgyike, born in 1919 in his fourth marriage, but he lost him very quickly, after 17 years.

Bernády's statue is located in front of the Teleki house, in a place named after him. The statue's creator is Bocskay Vince, from Sovata.

Bernády György statue in front of the Teleki house in Târgu Mureş


György was the first initiator of the town modernization. He had many goals such as sewerage, roads asphalting, building of the power and water station, building of several bridges, regularization of the Mureş River stream and building of public buildings such as – the Town Hall, the Cultural Palace in Târgu Mureș. He founded and settled the Academy of Music, the Municipal Library and the Art Galleries. There were constructed several buildings to host primary, secondary schools and universities.


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