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György Gát (sometimes credited as George Gat), born 5 February 1947 in Budapest, Hungary, is a Hungarian television director and producer.[1] He is also a regular lecturer at ELTE University in Budapest.


The son of a noted diplomat and lecturer, he spent some of his youth in Montreal and in Stockholm.

After returning to Budapest and an unsuccessful attempt to become an actor, Gát turned to directing at a very young age, starting as a runner and eventually becoming a cameraman, and then a director.

As a young man his popularity was unparalleled among his peers, he never hesitated to stand up for a friend, and his interactions were extremely helpful to several young people, who experienced extreme difficulties to find a job or earn a living in those years.

His first hit was the crime-comedy TV series "Linda" (1984–1989). "Linda" starred his wife Nóra Görbe with whom he had two children, Anna Gát (1983) and Márton (1989).

It was during the pre-production of "Linda" that Gát became Hungary's first independent television producer - a position that at the time the regime did not acknowledge.

He subsequently created series "Angyalbőrben" (1990–1991), "Familia Kft." (1991–1997), "TV a város szélén" (1998), "SztárVár" (2005) and the animated series "Szerencsi fel!" (2004).

He married actress Bernadett Gregor during the filming of "TV a város szélén". The marriage lasted only a year.

In 2008 he co-wrote and co-directed a sequel to animated movie Vuk (film), called "A Kis Vuk" (in English: A Fox's Tale). In Hungary, the reception of the sequel was controversial.


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