György Kürthy

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György Kürthy
Born (1882-02-24)24 February 1882
Budapest Austria-Hungary
Died 27 December 1972(1972-12-27) (aged 90)
Budapest Hungary
Nationality Hungarian
Occupation actor, scenographer, writer director of the theatre
Spouse(s) Mariska Vízváry

György Kürthy (Budapest, 24 February 1882. – Budapest, 27 December 1972.[1]) was an actor, scenographer, writer director of the theatre.


He maturated in Budapest, then moved to Munich where he learnt architecture. His first theatricalperformance was in 1905 at Thália Theatre. He was the member of the National Theatre between 1906 and 1935. He worked as a chief director in Kolozsvár (today Cluj-Napoca, Romania) in the theatre year 1908-1909. Between 1916 and 1923 he taught at Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest. During the next year he played at National Theatre of Pécs. Then he moved back to the capital, and was a professor at the Hungarian University of Arts and Design from 1927 to 1930. In the following year he was the director of National Theatre of Szeged. He came back to the stages in 1953 when he played two years at Kisfaludy Károly Theatre and one year at József Attila Theatre.


He was the son of Emil Kürthy (1848–1920) journalist. He was the second husband of Mariska Vízváry (1877–1954) actress and the father of Péter Kürthy (1926-) actor.

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