Győr (genus)

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Genus (gens) Győr
Coa Hungary Family Győr.svg
Country Kingdom of Hungary
Founded 1061
Founder Otto
Dissolution 1641 (last Dersffy)
Cadet branches Óvár-Kéménd branch
Szenterzsébet branch
Szerdahely branch

Győr (Geur or Jeur) was the name of a gens (Latin for "clan"; nemzetség in Hungarian) in the Kingdom of Hungary. The founder and ancestor of the genus was Ottó (Atha) son of Győr and Ispán (Count; comes) of Somogy County who founded the Zselicszentjakab Abbey in 1061.

Szerdahely branch[edit]

The Szerdahely branch (Hungarian: szerdahelyi ág) was the most notably one of the branches, seated in Zselicszentjakab and other parts of Somogy County. The forefather of the branch was a certain Saul who lived around 1230. His great-grandchild Miklós founded a Pauline monastery in Szerdahely (today Kaposszerdahely). The lordship of Szerdahely established the wealth of the future families.

Later, the line divided into three parts: Dancsffy, Imreffy and Dersffy families. Nikolaus, Count Esterházy married Orsolya Dersffy, daughter of Ferenc, the last male member of the family, in 1612. Due to this marriage, the House of Esterházy rose into the upper nobility of Hungary.

Notable members[edit]

  • Ottó (d. after 1066), ancestor of the genus, Ispán of Somogy County, Palatine (1066)

Sons of István[edit]


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