Gyaku Jūji-jime

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Gyaku Jūji-jime
Classification Katame-waza
Sub classification Shime-waza
Targets Throat
Kodokan Yes
Technique name
Rōmaji Gyaku Jūji-jime
Japanese 逆十字絞
English Reverse cross strangle

Gyaku Jūji-jime (逆十字絞), or gyakujujijime, is a chokehold in judo.[1] It is one of the twelve constriction techniques of Kodokan Judo in the Shime-waza list. Danzan Ryu includes this technique in the Shimete list under the name Namijujijime. Ura-Juji-Jime is described in the Canon Of Judo and demonstrated in The Essence of Judo by Kyuzo Mifune.

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  • [1] Alabama Judo Federation is sanction and charter by United State Judo Association (USJA). Sensei Tirdad Daei. Judo: Shime Waza - Nami-Juji-Jime: Normal Cross Choke. Gyaku-Juji-Jime: Reverse Cross Choke. Kata-Juji-Jime: Half Cross Choke.