Gyaring Lake

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Gyaring Lake
Coordinates34°55′N 97°16′E / 34.917°N 97.267°E / 34.917; 97.267Coordinates: 34°55′N 97°16′E / 34.917°N 97.267°E / 34.917; 97.267
TypeFresh water lake
Primary inflowsYellow River, Kari Qu
Primary outflowsYellow River
Catchment area8,161 km2 (3,151 sq mi)
Basin countriesChina
Max. length35 km (22 mi)
Max. width21.6 km (13 mi)
Surface area526 km2 (200 sq mi)
Average depth8.9 m (29 ft)
Max. depth13.1 m (43 ft)
Water volume4.67 billion cubic metres (3.79×10^6 acre⋅ft)
Surface elevation4,292 m (14,081 ft)
Official nameZhaling Lake
Designated12 July 2004
Reference no.1442[1]

Gyaring Lake (Tibetan: མཚོ་སྐྱ་རིང་, Wylie: mtsho skya ring) or Zhaling Lake (Chinese: 扎陵湖; pinyin: Zhālíng Hú) is a large freshwater lake in the Yellow River catchment in China, it is in the southeast of Qinghai Province.The name of lake means "Long Grey Lake" in Tibetan language. Gyaring Lake is 526 km2, with a drainage area of 8161 km2, an elevation of 4292 m, length 35 km and mean width 15 km (max 21.6 m).[2]



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