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Gimnasia Realit
Gimnasia realit.gif
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Courtyard and building A
Rishon LeZion
Established 1939 (1939)

The Gimnasia Realit or of Gimnasia Realit E. Karary (הגימנסיה הריאלית על שם א. קררי) is an Israeli high school, named in honor of its first principal Eliezer Karary. It was established in 1939 in Rishon LeZion at the time of the 1936–39 Arab revolt during the Mandatory Palestine. It was the fifth high school in Israel and the first in Rishon LeZion. The school's first learning programs were devoted to humanities, in contrast with the present emphasis on the sciences, such as biotechnology and the TG (Talented and Gifted) classes.

The Gimnasia's first location was on Herzl street in a three-room apartment and only 9 students graduated in its first year. The second housing of the school was on Abrahmovich neighbourhood, until the last move to Smilchansky street, where it is located as of 2013.


  • Eliezer Karary - 1939-1970
  • Gamliel Segal - 1970-1997
  • Shosh Winter - 1997-2012
  • Dalia Yeshaya - 2012-current


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