Gymnasia Rehavia

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Gymnasia Rehavia, Jerusalem
Founders of Gymnasia Rehavia

Gymnasia Rehavia (Hebrew: גמנסיה רחביהGimnazya Rehavya) is a high school in the Rehavia neighborhood in Jerusalem, Israel.


Gymnasia Rehavia was Jerusalem's first and the country’s second modern Jewish high school or gymnasium, after the Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium in Tel Aviv. The school was first established in Jerusalem's Bukharan Quarter in 1909.[1] The building on Keren Kayemet Street in the Rehavia neighborhood was built in 1928. Among its early teachers were Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, later the second president of Israel, and his wife Rachel Yanait.[2]

In July 2009, the high school celebrated its centennial at an event attended by generations of alumni, many of whom are leading figures in Israeli society today.[3]

Notable alumni[edit]


Coordinates: 31°46′37″N 35°12′49″E / 31.776964°N 35.21351°E / 31.776964; 35.21351