Gymnastics at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Men's artistic team all-around

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These are the results of the men's team all-around competition, one of eight events for male competitors in artistic gymnastics at the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. The compulsory and optional rounds took place on July 20 and 22 at the Sports Palace of the Central Lenin Stadium.


Gold Gold Silver Silver Bronze Bronze
 Soviet Union (URS)
Nikolay Andrianov
Eduard Azaryan
Aleksandr Dityatin
Bogdan Makuts
Vladimir Markelov
Aleksandr Tkachyov
 East Germany (GDR)
Ralf-Peter Hemmann
Lutz Hoffmann
Lutz Mack
Michael Nikolay
Andreas Bronst
Roland Brückner
 Hungary (HUN)
Ferenc Donáth
György Guczoghy
Zoltán Kelemen
Péter Kovács
Zoltán Magyar
István Vámos


The final score for each team was determined by combining all of the scores earned by the team on each apparatus during the compulsory and optional rounds. If all six gymnasts on a team performed a routine on a single apparatus during compulsories or optionals, only the five highest scores on that apparatus counted toward the team total.

Rank Team Total
Gold medal icon.svg  Soviet Union (URS) 589.600
Silver medal icon.svg  East Germany (GDR) 581.150
Bronze medal icon.svg  Hungary (HUN) 575.000
4  Romania (ROU) 572.300
5  Bulgaria (BUL) 571.550
6  Czechoslovakia (TCH) 569.800
7  Cuba (CUB) 563.200
8  France (FRA) 559.200
9  North Korea (PRK) 551.350