Pacific Rim Championships – Women's vault

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Three medals are awarded: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place. Tie breakers have not been used in every year. In the event of a tie between two gymnasts, both names are listed, and the following position (second for a tie for first, third for a tie for second) is left empty because a medal was not awarded for that position. If three gymnastics tied for a position, the following two positions are left empty.


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Canada Winnipeg United States Vanessa Atler Mexico Brenda Magana Canada Veronique Leclerc
2000 New Zealand Christchurch Mexico Denisse López Australia Trudy McIntosh United States Vanessa Atler
2002 Canada Vancouver United States Kristal Uzelac China Liu Wei Australia Alexandra Croak
2004 United States Honolulu United States Alicia Sacramone Canada Heather Purnell Canada Melanie Banville
2006 United States Honolulu United States Jana Bieger Mexico Yeny Ibarra Canada Alyssa Brown
2008 United States San Jose Russia Anna Myzdrikova Colombia Jessica Gil Mexico Ericka Garcia
2010 Australia Melbourne Canada Dominique Pegg Australia Emily Little Mexico Alexa Moreno
2012 United States Everett, Washington Japan Wakiko Ryu Hong Kong Angel Wong Japan Risa Konishi
2014 Canada Richmond Canada Ellie Black New Zealand Courtney McGregor Canada Maegan Chant
2016 United States Everett, Washington Canada Shallon Olsen Canada Brittany Rogers New Zealand Courtney McGregor


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