Gymnastics at the Pan American Games – Women's uneven bars

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Women's events at the Gymnastics at the Pan American Games were first held at the 1959 Pan American Games.

Three medals are awarded: gold for first place, silver for second place, and bronze for third place. Tie breakers have not been used in every year. In the event of a tie between two gymnasts, both names are listed, and the following position (second for a tie for first, third for a tie for second) is left empty because a medal was not awarded for that position. If three gymnastics tied for a position, the following two positions are left empty.


Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1959 United States Chicago Canada Ernestine Russell United States Betty Maycock United States Cassie Collawn
1963 Brazil Sao Paulo United States Doris Fuchs United States Dale McClements Cuba Yolanda Williams
1967 Canada Winnipeg Canada Susan McDonnell United States Linda Metheny United States Kathy Gleason
1971 Colombia Cali United States Roxanne Pierce United States Linda Metheny United States Kim Chace
1975 Mexico Mexico City United States Ann Carr
United States Roxanne Pierce
- United States Diane Dunbar
1979 Puerto Rico San Juan Canada Monica Goermann Canada Elfi Schlegal Cuba Tania Gonzalez
1983 Venezuela Caracas United States Lucy Wener United States Lisa Wittwer Cuba Tania Gonzalez
1987 United States Indianapolis United States Melissa Marlowe United States Sabrina Mar Brazil Luisa Parente
1991 Cuba Havana Brazil Luisa Parente United States Hillary Anderson
Canada Mylene Fleury
1995 Argentina Mar del Plata United States Shannon Miller United States Amy Chow Cuba Annia Portuondo
1999 Canada Winnipeg Canada Yvonne Tousek Canada Julie Beaulieu United States Morgan White
2003 Dominican Republic Santo Domingo United States Chellsie Memmel Brazil Daniele Hypólito United States Nastia Liukin
2007 Brazil Rio de Janeiro United States Shawn Johnson United States Nastia Liukin Brazil Laís Souza
2011 Mexico Guadalajara United States Bridgette Caquatto United States Shawn Johnson Mexico Elsa Garcia
Mexico Marisela Cantu
2015 Canada Toronto United States Rachel Gowey Venezuela Jessica López United States Amelia Hundley