Gyong La

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Gyong La
Elevation 5,686 m (18,655 ft)[1]

Kashmir (Disputed between India and Pakistan)

Controlled by India
Range Eastern Karakoram Range
Coordinates 35°10′29″N 77°04′15″E / 35.17472°N 77.07083°E / 35.17472; 77.07083Coordinates: 35°10′29″N 77°04′15″E / 35.17472°N 77.07083°E / 35.17472; 77.07083

Gyong La is a mountain pass situated on Saltoro Ridge southwest of the vast Siachen Glacier, some 20 km (12 mi) directly north of map point NJ9842 which defined the end of the 1972 Line of Control between India and Pakistan.[2] The immediate Gyong La area is claimed by both countries, but has been under India's control since 1987 with Pakistan controlling areas just to the west.[3][4]

Geopolitical issues[edit]

Main article: Siachen Conflict
AGPL shown with yellow-colored dotted line

There was military action at Gyong La, and nearby passes Sia La and Bilafond La, starting in 1984 during Operation Meghdoot, the first military action of the Siachen Conflict, which was part of a larger conflict, the Kashmir Conflict.[5] Since 1987 Gyong La has been controlled by Indian forces, with Pakistani forces controlling areas just a few kilometres to the west.

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