Gypsey Race

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Gypsey Race
Country England
Main source Duggleby
114 metres (374 ft)
54°5′21″N 0°39′33″W / 54.08917°N 0.65917°W / 54.08917; -0.65917
River mouth North Sea at Bridlington
54°4′52″N 0°11′27″W / 54.08111°N 0.19083°W / 54.08111; -0.19083Coordinates: 54°4′52″N 0°11′27″W / 54.08111°N 0.19083°W / 54.08111; -0.19083
Basin size 253.8 square kilometres (98.0 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 25 kilometres (16 mi)

The Gypsey Race is a stream that runs through the villages of West Lutton, East Lutton, Helperthorpe, Weaverthorpe, Butterwick, Foxholes, Wold Newton, Burton Fleming, Rudston and Boynton. The stream flows into the North Sea in Bridlington harbour.

The Gypsey Race rises in the Great Wold Valley through a series of springs, and flows intermittently. According to folklore, when the Gypsey Race is flowing, bad fortune is at hand.[1] It flowed in the year before the great plague of 1664, the restoration of Charles II, and the landing of William of Orange



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