Gypsy 83 (soundtrack)

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Gypsy 83 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Soundtrack album
ReleasedOctober 7, 2003
Genregothic rock, electronic music
LabelMetropolis Records

The soundtrack to the 2001 film Gypsy 83 was released in 2003 on Metropolis Records. Several well-known goth and electronic music artists are featured, alongside Karen Black and the film's leading-lady, Sara Rue.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Pieces" by Claire Voyant
  2. "Talk to Me" by Diva Destruction
  3. "Doing the Unstuck" by The Cure
  4. "Walking in the Jungle" by Karen Black
  5. "Eccentricity" by Magenta
  6. "Nothing Special" by Mechanical Cabaret
  7. "Twenty-Four Years" by Claire Voyant
  8. "I Want a Lip" by Karen Black
  9. "Severance" by Bauhaus
  10. "Dilaudid" (Postponed) by Velvet Acid Christ
  11. "Suffer in Silence" by Apoptygma Berzerk
  12. "Iolite" (Francis A. Preve Remix) by Claire Voyant
  13. "Voice So Sweet" by Sara Rue