Gypsy Breynton

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Gypsy Breynton
Gypsy Breynton.jpg
Author Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Genre Sunday School
Publication date

Gypsy Breynton is the heroine of a series of books written by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. The books were written in 1866–67 for Sunday schools and so are of an improving nature.[1] Gypsy, as the name indicates, is an impetuous tomboy who lives a chaotic life lacking a system.[2] Her development and experiences provide the basis for the restrained moralising of the stories.[3]

The four books in the series are

  1. Gypsy Breynton
  2. Gypsy's Cousin Joy
  3. Gypsy's Sowing and Reaping
  4. Gypsy's Year at the Golden Crescent

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