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Gypsy Grind was a Pinoy rock band formed in 1994. They performed in the alternative, pop, soft punk, ska and rock genres and were influenced by 4AD bands such as the Breeders, Kristin Hersh, and the Cocteau Twins. Other inspirations included Moonpools and Caterpillars, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians, The Cranberries and Ani Difranco.


  • Tina Ehrhard - vocals, Harmonica, Piano and Percussion
  • Aimiel Rivas - Bass ( Later replaced by Boboy Panerio)
  • Christian Delos Reyes - Guitars (later replaced by Jon (Jesus) Santos)
  • Mike dela Cruz - Rhythm
  • Don Enriquez - Drums.


They started out as a garage band in Baler Makati, most often performing at the bar St. Michael's. In 1995, the band decided to go further and auditioned at the underground venue Club Dredd, which launched the careers of artists including Grey Houndz, Cheese, Eraserheads, Barbie's Cradle (formerly known as Greem Tea, Hungry Young Poets), Moonstar 88, Itchi Worms, Put3ka, NTOTN, Wolfgang, River Maya, and Color it Red.

Gypsy Grind began to perform regularly under Sonic 58's production. They played with Birds In The Chamber Hall (B.I.T.C.H.), Snow Blind, Sonic 58, Gene Santiago’s all Female Band Production along with Snow Blind, Hungry Young Poets, [Fatal Posporos], [Orphan Lily] and others.

Gene Santiago's production gave them a chance to audition "eve-olution," an all-female band compilation by Tone Def. Upon Their songs "Kabanda" and "Ermitanio" appeared on this compilation and were played continuously on DWLA FM Bright Star Network LA 105.9 Top Rock Song List for 20 weeks. They made it to #1 spot for more than 3 weeks with the song "Ermitanio"; later, the song "Kabanda" was #1 for two weeks. Gypsy Grind was the only band that was played both in LA 105.9 and NU 107.5, which regularly featured their songs "Pambansang Bayan", "Little Witch" and "Only in your Heart."

The band also performed regularly at Mayric's, managed by Sazi Cosino, who gave them slots when bands withdrew at the last minute. This earned them the nickname the "Jump-Ins."

1995 - 1997[edit]

Later that year, the band was given another opportunity to record compilation called "Pinipinoy." On this compilation, famous English songs were translated info Tagalog. The band performed "I’ve got a crush on you" by Astrid Gilberto and appeared on the compilation with Majesty, Snow Blind and Mariya's Mistress and Panic City.

Cool Carla, LA 105.9s Disk Jockey and lead vocalist from Identity Crisis, a 1980s local New Wave band and vocalist for Mariya's Mistress, sound engineered and was their vocal coach for their compilation albums. She also sang backup for the band's song "Only in your Heart".

Soon after, Gypsy Grind was offered a contract under Ivory Records for a debut album called Tattle Tales. The album included the songs "Only in your heart", "Little Witch", "Sing", "Money", Pambansang Bayan", "Taong Bato", Rock a-bye", "Hikki", "Tattle Tale" and "Garlic." They had numerous radio and TV performances nationwide.

After recording their debut album, Rivas left the group for personal reasons and Delos Reyes left for the United States after only having completed the first five songs in the album. Jon (Jesus) Santos took over after auditions. He completed the songs "Only in your Heart", "Taong Bato," "Rock a-bye" and "Garlic." Boboy Panerio, a friend of Enriquez, took the place of Rivas as bassist.

In 1998, the band was the front act of Eraserhead's "Sticker Happy Tour" with Fatal Posporos. The tour was produced and conceptualized by Leni Llapitan of Identity Crisis.

Gypsy Grind was nominated as the NU Rock Awards Best New Artist and for OPM (Original Filipino Music) "Best Rock Song" at the AWIT AWARDS.

The band performed with artists including JB Medrano and Tabbs (Cynthia Alexander’s musicians). Carla Abaya (Cool Carla, Identity Crisis, Mariya’s Mistress). Teddy Corpus, Ronald Yumol, Leni Llapitan, Maite Villegas.

Many of these led to collaborations. Ehrhard played percussion in "Blusero Band". She later formed the old "Sugar Hiccup" with Zandro Pollack and Raymond (Dominion), but this did not materialize.

Around 1999, Santos became the rhythm guitarist of Dream Kitchen, and eventually became the drummer for Poetic Sparks, who in 2006 was nominated as "Best New Artist" in the annual NU 107 Rock Awards. In February 2012, at the grand reunion concert of Half Life Half Death, he joined the 10-member band as percussionist.