Volume 7: Gypsy Marches

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Volume 7: Gypsy Marches
Studio album by The Desert Sessions
Released October 16, 2001
Recorded at Rancho de la Luna, Joshua Tree, CA
Genre Desert rock
Label Southern Lord/Rekords Rekords
The Desert Sessions chronology
Volume 6: Black Anvil Ego
Volume 7: Gypsy Marches
Volume 8: Can You See Under My Thumb? There You Are.

The seventh The Desert Sessions LP, titled Volume 7: Gypsy Marches, was released in 2001, packaged along with Volume 8: Can You See Under My Thumb? There You Are. in a gatefold 10" album format. The song "Hanging Tree" was later released on the Queens of the Stone Age album Songs for the Deaf.

This is the first release on Josh Homme's record label, Rekords Rekords.

Track listing[edit]

1. "Don't Drink Poison" – 5:02

Slamantha (?) - Vocals, Drums, Bass

Brendon McNichol - Mandolin too long, Drum, Perc.

Chris Goss - Vocals

Joshua Homme - Vocals, Piano, Drum, Marxaphone

Fred Drake - Drum, Crumar

2. "Hanging Tree" – 3:13

Samantha Maloney - Drums

Mark Lanegan - Vocals

Alain Johannes - All Guitars, Chours Harmony

Joshua Homme - Bass, Backgrounds

Fred Drake - Background Verse

3. "Winners" – 1:06

Performed by Winners

4. "Polly Wants a Crack Rock" – 2:29

Nick ElDorado - Vocal

Josh - Drums, Backups, Banged A Gong

Brendon - Bass

Al - Guitar

5. "Up in Hell" – 4:46

Natasha Schneider - Vocals

Joshua - Bass, Drum, Guitar

Chris Goss - Vocals, Bass

Slamantha - Bass, Drum, Cymbals

Fred - Drum-Kit, Marxaphone

Big Al - Tuvan Drone

Thai Boys Choir - the Clap

Brendon "One Take Little Pants" McNichol - Porkchop - Barks (1st take)

6. "Nenada" – 3:10

Natasha the Great - Foreign Vocals, Bass Keys, Rhoades, Stuff

Alain the Mighty - Guitar (L)

Joshua the Mildly Entertaining - Drums, Clap, Lead Ax

Goss the Oblivious - Guitar (R), Clap