Gypsy Wildcat

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Gypsy Wildcat
Original film poster
Directed by Roy William Neil
Written by James Hogan
James M. Cain
Gene Lewis
Starring Maria Montez
Jon Hall
Release date
  • 1944 (1944)
Running time
73 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office 2,426,447 admissions (France)[1]

Gypsy Wildcat is a 1944 film starring Maria Montez.[2] It was co-written by James M. Cain.



After the success of Arabian Nights Universal requested a series of films starring Montez, Hall and Sabu. It was followed by White Savage and Cobra Woman. The studio then requested three more, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, a gypsy tale, Zorya, and a tale of the modernisation of Turkey.[3][4]

James Hogan was signed to write and direct Zorya which became Gypsy Girl then Gypsy Wildcat.[5] He fell ill so he was replaced by Roy William Neill.[6] James M Cain was hired to work on the dialogue.[7]

Filming started October 1943.[8]

The role of Tonio was meant to be played by Turhan Bey. However he was loaned at the last minute to MGM to play a role in Dragon Seed and was replaced by Peter Coe.[9] Coe was a former swimming champion, Acquacade performer and stage actor.[10]

Neill reportedly was one of Maria Montez's few directors to not fight with her.[11]

"My other pictures were just corn", said Montez. "This one is more golden bantam. I'm tired of being a fairy tale princess all the time. In every picture I have royal blood. I told the studio I wanted to do something else. I thought everything was fixed when they put me in Gypsy Wildcat. But do you know what happens at the end of that picture? I turn out to be a countess."[12]

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