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Gyuri is a given name used in both Hungarian and Korean culture.

Hungarian name[edit]

As a Hungarian name, Gyuri (pronounced /ɟuri/, starting with a voiced palatal stop) is a masculine name. It is a diminutive of György. People with this name include:

Korean name[edit]

Hangul 규리
Hanja , , , and others
Revised Romanization Gyu-ri
McCune–Reischauer Kyuri

As a Korean given name, Gyuri (pronounced /kju.ɾi/) is a feminine name.[1] It may also be spelled Gyu-ri or Kyu-ri. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 20 hanja with the reading "kyu" and 26 hanja with the reading "ri" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names.[2]

Korean people with this name include:

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