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Güveç and other earthenware pots

Güveç is the name of a variety of earthenware pots used in Turkish cuisine, and of a number of casserole/stew dishes that are cooked in them. The pot is wide medium-tall, can be glazed or unglazed, and the dish in it is cooked with little or no additional liquid.[1]

Güveç dishes can be made in any type of oven-proof pan, but clay or earthenware pots are preferred of the heady, earthy aroma they impart to the stew.[2]


Türlü güveç
Karides güveç

In other cuisines[edit]

From Turkey it has spread throughout the region, with slight variations on the name.[2] The names of the Balkan dish Đuveč and the Greek dish Giouvetsi derive from güveç, although they are not always cooked in earthenware güveç pots.