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H&R Block Online Tax Preparation and Tax Software is a tax preparation program offered by H&R Block.[1] Previously called "TaxCut".[2]

H&R Block is a tax preparation company, headquartered in Kansas City.[3] H&R Block offers in-person tax filing[4] and consumer tax software for online tax preparation and electronic filing (e-file) from their website.

There are a variety of software and online products including, H&R Block Online Free, H&R Block Online Deluxe, H&R Block Online Premium, H&R Block Basic Tax Software, H&R Block Deluxe Tax Software, H&R Block Premium Tax Software and H&R Block Premium & Business Tax Software.[5][6] Either the online or software versions will prepare and file one's federal and state income tax returns with the IRS with the option of electronically filing (e-filing) and direct depositing an applicable tax refund into a specified bank account.

Competitors for H&R Block software include: TurboTax[7] and TaxAct[8]

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