Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar

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Hákonar saga Hákonarsonar (The Saga of Haakon Haakonarson) is an Old Norse kings' saga, telling the story of the life and reign of King Haakon Haakonarson of Norway. The saga was written by the Icelandic historian and chieftain Sturla Þórðarson, in the 1260s. Sturla was at the court of Haakon's son Magnus when he learned of his father's death, and he is said to have immediately commissioned Sturla to write his father's saga. It is the main source to Norwegian history for the period from 1217 (Haakon's accession) to his death in 1263.

Small parts of the saga, concerned with Haakon's campaign to Scotland in 1263, were translated into English by James Johnstone and printed in 1782, reprinted in 1882. The whole saga was printed in an English translation by G.W. Dasent in 1894, reprinted in 1964.


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  • Tordarson, Sturla (2008) Håkon Håkonssons saga (Thorleif Dahls Kulturbibliotek) ISBN 978-82-03-19367-5

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