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This article is about Hämeenkatu in Tampere. There are other Hämeenkatu in Finland.
Hämeenkatu as seen from the railway station

Hämeenkatu is the main street of Tampere, Finland. The boulevard is roughly a kilometre long, and 28.5 metres (94 ft) wide (driveway and sidewalk) at its widest point.

Winter lights

Hämeenkatu is a boulevard, which begins from the east at the Tampere railway station, continues westward to the Hämeenpuisto park, and is covered with cobble stones for its entire length. The street also contains the Hämeensilta bridge crossing the Tammerkoski rapids with gorgeous views on both sides. The bridge that Hämeenkatu runs across Tammerkoski is decorated with four human statues, one at each corner of the bridge. Of these statues, three represent men and one represents a woman.

Eastwards from the railway station, Hämeenkatu is followed by the 700-metre (2,300 ft)-long Itsenäisyydenkatu, which then diverges into Sammonkatu and Teiskontie. In the west, Hämeenkatu continues first as Pirkankatu and then as Pispalan valtatie.


Coordinates: 61°29′52″N 23°45′37″E / 61.49778°N 23.76028°E / 61.49778; 23.76028