Héctor García-Godoy

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Héctor García-Godoy

Héctor Rafael García-Godoy Cáceres (Moca, January 11, 1921 – Santo Domingo, April 20, 1970) was a politician from the Dominican Republic. He served as the 7th provisional president of the Dominican Republic from September 3, 1965, until July 1, 1966, following the Dominican Civil War.

García-Godoy was the grandson of the Cuban-born Dominican poet Federico García Godoy and the Dominican President Ramón Cáceres. He was also the cousin of the Dominican painter Darío Suro.


After serving as a diplomat in the mid-1940s, García-Godoy was employed at the Foreign Ministry and served on the Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank. He was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic in 1955. In 1963, he served as foreign minister under Juan Bosch, who’s government was overthrown later that year. Afterward he temporarily acted as president and organized the 1966 elections in which Joaquín Balaguer regained the presidency. Balaguer subsequently appointed him as ambassador to the United States, serving until 1969.


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