Hélder Guimarães

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Hélder Guimarães
HELDER (cropped).jpg
Guimarães in 2013
Born1982 (age 38–39)[citation needed]
Porto, Portugal
OccupationMagician, illusionist

Hélder Guimarães (born in 1982) is Portuguese performer, magician, and illusionist. Known for his unique approach of sleight-of-hand magic, storytelling and performance,[citation needed] Helder's work has been featured at the Kennedy Center, TED Talks, Talks at Google and off-Broadway productions.

His previous creations include Nothing to Hide, directed by Neil Patrick Harris, the Borrowed Time experience, and the theatrical Verso, directed by Rodrigo Santos. The Los Angeles Times stated "he seems remarkably sincere and trustworthy for a man committed to deception,"[1] and The New York Times recognized him as "a Master of Illusions".[2]

Guimarães has consulted for entertainment entities like NBC, Disney, and Warner.[citation needed] He personally trained actresses Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett for their roles in the movie Ocean's 8.[citation needed]


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