Château de Hélicourt

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Château de Hélicourt
Tilloy-Floriville, Picardy, France
Coordinates 49°59′52″N 1°34′30″E / 49.9977°N 1.5751°E / 49.9977; 1.5751Coordinates: 49°59′52″N 1°34′30″E / 49.9977°N 1.5751°E / 49.9977; 1.5751

Château de Hélicourt was a castle near Tilloy-Floriville, Picardy, France. The former King of Scotland, Sir John Balliol, retired to the castle after being released by Pope Boniface VIII and ended his days at the castle.[1]

In 1492, John of Luxembourg, with its Burgundian and Raoul Le Boutillier, with 300 English, seized the castle Hélicourt, under an order of the Earl of Warwick, September 30, 1422, the castle was demolished Hélicourt thoroughly


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