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Hêvî Îbrahîm Mustefa
Afrin Region Prime Minister
Assumed office
Personal details
Al-Muabbada, Al-Hasakah Governorate, Syria
Political partyDemocratic Union Party (PYD) (2014 - present)

Hêvî Îbrahîm Mustefa is the Democratic Union Party (PYD) prime minister of the Afrin Region (originally called "Afron Canton"), a de facto autonomous region of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria.[2][3]

Career and Governance[edit]

On January 29, 2014, she was appointed Chairman of the Executive Council of Afrin.[4]

On October 3, 2018, the Northern and Eastern Syria Autonomous Administration Executive Assembly, in Ayn Isa, Gire Spi, elected the committees and the executives. Hêvî Îbrahîm Mustefa was elected, with Elî Mustefa Heco, to the Interior Affairs Committee.[5]

Her assistants are:

  • Mustafa Abdulhamid, Arab
  • Suleiman Jafer, Yezidi Kurd, the minister of international relations

Personal life[edit]

Îbrahîm is also a member of the Alevi minority community.[2]

Mustefa was born in 1967 in Mabeta.[4]

Between 1987 and 2012, Mustefa taught in Aleppo.[4]

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