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Paris, 239 rue Saint-Honoré. The heritage-listed façade of the Hôtel Costes

The Hôtel Costes is a hotel in Paris, France. Located in 239 rue St-Honoré, it is perhaps best known for its bar and courtyard café.

The hotel was commissioned by the Costes brothers to the designer and interior architect Jacques Garcia in 1991. The hotel is now renowned as a den of opulence and was built in conjunction with Klay Robson as Developer and construction consultant (the design maxim was "all things in excess").

Hôtel Costes is not to be confused with the hotel Costes K, which is run by the same family, but is not located in Paris' first arrondissement.

Lounge music compilations[edit]

Hôtel Costes also releases its own compilation lounge music CDs, which contains music played and mixed within by DJ Stéphane Pompougnac. The following are all currently released Hôtel Costes compilation CDs and digital downloads. Many expect a Hotel Costes Vol.16 release by 2017.

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