Höganäs AB

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Höganäs AB
Company typeAktiebolag
IndustryPowder Metallurgy
Founded1797 (1797)
FounderCount Eric Ruuth
HeadquartersBruksgatan 35, Höganäs, Sweden
Area served
Key people
Fredrik Emilsson (President & CEO)
RevenueIncrease SEK 6671 million (2010)[citation needed]
Increase SEK 01114 million (2010)[citation needed]
Increase SEK 0804 million (2010)[citation needed]
Total assetsIncrease SEK 5667 million (2010)[citation needed]
Total equityIncrease SEK 03239 million (2010)[citation needed]
DivisionsHoganas Brasil
Hoganas China
Hoganas Japan
Hoganas Korea
North American Höganäs
Hoganas East Europe Hoganas India

Höganäs AB is a Swedish multinational based in Höganäs. It is the world's largest producer of powdered metals.[1] It develops and markets powders for customers in metallurgical industries.

The company's portfolio of products and services includes sintered components, electromagnetic applications, brazing, chemical and metallurgical, hot polymer filtration, iron fortification, friction, Glidcop, sintered stainless steel filters, surface coating and welding.

Höganäs AB is operational worldwide through a number of subsidiaries, including Hoganas HOGAP AB, Hoganas Japan K.K, Hoganas East Europe LLC, Hoganas France S.A.S, Hoganas Italia S.r.I and North American Höganäs Holdings Inc. among others.


The company was founded in 1797 as a coal mine by Count Eric Ruuth. It also made refractory and salt glazed ceramics.

Höganäs AB was listed on the OMX in Stockholm 1994–2013, after which it was bought off the stock exchange, and is now wholly owned, through Höganäs Holding AB, by two Swedish holding companies, Lindéngruppen and Foundation Asset Management AB, with equal stakes and voting rights.[2][3]

The company has 1400 customers in 65 countries with more than 1500 products, mostly customer specific, from 14 production centres situated in all main continents. The company has 1600 employees and a turnover of approximately 900 MUSD.

The company’s products are found in a series of application areas including structural components for the automotive industry, metal surface coatings and iron fortification of food.

The Swedish iron ore producer LKAB has been one of the company's suppliers since 1909.

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