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The coat of arms of the HTL Bregenz

A Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (German for Higher Technical Education Institute, or more loosely translated Technical College), commonly known as HTL, is an engineering-focused secondary school/institution of further education in Austria. As an umbrella term it is used for either

  • Höhere Technische Lehranstalt (HTL, HTLA),
  • Höhere Technische Bundeslehranstalt (HTBLA, HTBL, Federal Higher Technical Institute), or
  • Höhere Technische Bundeslehr- und Versuchsanstalt (HTBLuVA, Federal Higher Technical Institute for Education and Experimentation).

These institutions are an important part of Austrian vocational education. HTLs specialise in disciplines such as civil engineering, electronics, electrical engineering, information technology, informatics, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and chemistry. There are 75 HTLs in Austria (as of 2016).

HTLs also existed in Switzerland until 1995 when these institutions were converted into Swiss Universities of Applied Sciences.

Types of Courses[edit]

Höhere Technische Lehranstalten generally offer four different types of courses:

  • Höhere Abteilung (ISCED level 5) offers the most common type of courses at Austrian HTLs. The courses last five years and start with grade 9. After five years, students may complete the curriculum with a Diplomarbeit, a final graded project that requires several hundred hours of work. After that, a student has to pass a comprehensive examination: one written test in mathematics, an exam in a main technical subject, at least one in a language (German or English) and the final oral examinations. This is called Reife- und Diplomprüfung since the Austrian Reifeprüfung (Matura) is an integral part of it and graduates are formally enabled to attend university. This type of education has a number of similarities to Japanese colleges of technology (Kōsen). After three years of work experience in engineering, graduates can apply for the Austrian professional title Ingenieur (pre-nominal letters: Ing.), literally engineer, and considered equivalent to a bachelor's degree according to the European Qualifications Framework (ISCED level 6 then).
  • Fachschule (ISCED level 3) courses last four years and start with grade 9. After four years, students have to complete a Technikerarbeit (a final examination project) and then pass the final examinations to graduate from HTL. Students can also attend the examinations for the Berufsreifeprüfung, but these examinations are voluntary. The Berufsreifeprüfung formally enables students to attend university.
  • The so-called Abendschule (evening school) offers a type of course that is very similar to the Höhere Abteilung and intended for people who want to study while they work. These courses are organized in 8 semesters and are completed with a Reife- und Diplomprüfung just like the Höhere Abteilung.
  • The fourth type of courses at HTLs are special post-secondary courses for students who have completed an apprenticeship, are master craftsmen or graduated from Gymnasium with Matura. These types of courses are also offered at the Höhere Abteilungen and end with the same qualifications as the five-year courses.


  • The largest HTL in Austria with 3.500 students is the HTBLuVA Mödling, which is also the largest school in Europe.
  • The oldest Austrian vocational school is the HTBLuVA Wien 5 Spengergasse in Vienna, established in 1758 by Maria Theresia.
  • The HTBLVA TGM (Technologisches Gewerbe Museum) in Vienna has the highest school building in Austria (about 70m, 16 floors).
  • The HTBLVA TGM also has the largest base area of any HTL in Austria.

Höhere Technische Lehranstalten in Austria[edit]

Name Bundesland Location Departments Students
HTL Eisenstadt Burgenland Eisenstadt Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Aerospace engineering technology, Materials engineering; Fachschule mechanical engineering 1000
HTLuVA Pinkafeld Burgenland Pinkafeld Civil engineering, Computing and automation technologies, Computing and organisation, Mechanical engineering, Fachschule for civil und mechanical engineering, Kolleg "Facility Management" 1400
HTL 1 Klagenfurt Carinthia Klagenfurt Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical engineering, Fachschule for mechatronics und electrical engineering 1100
HTL Mössingerstraße Carinthia Klagenfurt Telecommunications, Computer engineering, Biomedical technology, Energy technologies and industriell electronics, Information technology, Fachschule for computing und communication technologies 1150
HTBLuVA Villach Carinthia Villach Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Interior design and wood technologies, Informatics / Software Engineering, Cyber Security and Media Technology 1450
HTL Ferlach Carinthia Ferlach Industrial technologies, Industrial design, Weapon technologies ~600
HTL Wolfsberg Carinthia Wolfsberg Information systems, Management, Automation technologies 500
HTL Krems Lower Austria Krems Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Urban planning, Information technology 900
HTBLuVA Waidhofen/Y Lower Austria Waidhofen/Ybbs Automation technologies, Electrical engineering, Engineering management, Fachschule for Electrical engineering with computing and networking technologies, Mechanical engineering 800
HTL St. Pölten / HTBLuVA St. Pölten Lower Austria Sankt Pölten Engineering management, Information Technology, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering 2200
HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt Lower Austria Wiener Neustadt Automation technologies, Electrical engineering, Information technology, Civil Engineering (Hochbau), Computing and organisation 1300
HTL Hollabrunn Lower Austria Hollabrunn Electronics, Electrical engineering, Food technologies, Mechanical engineering, Industrial engineering, Information technology 1250
IT-HTL Ybbs Lower Austria Ybbs an der Donau Internet and Media technology, Network technologies 300
HTL Mistelbach Lower Austria Mistelbach Health technology 300
HTBLuVA Mödling Lower Austria Mödling Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Environmental technology, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Automotive engineering, Wood technologies, Interior design, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Engineering management, Industrial engineering 3500
HTL Wieselburg (Josephinum) Lower Austria Wieselburg Agriculture, Agricultural machinery, Food technology 850
HTL1 Bau und Design Linz Upper Austria Linz Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau, Tiefbau and Bauwirtschaft), Construction and communication design, Print and digital media 2100
HTL Linz - Linzer Technikum Upper Austria Linz Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Electrical engineering and information technology 1700
HTL Steyr Upper Austria Steyr Automotive engineering, Electronics and computer engineering, Mechatronics, Metal design 1050
HTL Wels Upper Austria Wels Information technology, Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering 1700
HTL Braunau Upper Austria Braunau am Inn Electronics, Electrical engineering, Mechatronics, Bionics, Computer engineering, Cybersecurity 1000
HTL Ried Upper Austria Ried im Innkreis Mechanical engineering (Lightweight engineering, Agricultural & environmental engineering, Automation technology) 350
HTL Hallstatt Upper Austria Hallstatt Interior design, Wood technology 500
HTL Grieskirchen Upper Austria Grieskirchen Software Engineering / Informatics and Medical Software Engineering / Medical Informatics 450
HTL für Lebensmitteltechnologie Upper Austria Wels Food technology 130
HTBLA Leonding Upper Austria Leonding Computing and organisation, Evening School for Computing and organisation, Electronics, Fachschule for Electronics, Media Technology 1100
HTL Traun Upper Austria Traun Information and communication technology, Fachschule for computing 320
HTL Perg Upper Austria Perg Computing and organisation, Fachschule for computing 350
HTL Neufelden ATN Upper Austria Neufelden Automation technology, Engineering management 400
HTL Vöcklabruck Upper Austria Vöcklabruck Mechanical engineering, Engineering - Environmental technology, Engineering - Facility Management; Engineering management - Information systems, Engineering management - Management 1000
HTL Innsbruck Anichstraße Tyrol Innsbruck Mechanical engineering, Electronics - Computer engineering, Electronics-Telekommunications, Electrical engineering, Information technology, Engineering management 1500
HTL für Bau und Kunst Innsbruck Tyrol Innsbruck Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Kolleg, Art and Design 1000
HTL Fulpmes Tyrol Fulpmes Mechanical engineering, Industrial technology, Materials engineering and product design 200
HTL Jenbach Tyrol Jenbach Mechanical engineering, Engineering management 500
HTL Kramsach Tyrol Kramsach Chemical engineering, focus chemical industrial engineering

(since 2013/14)

HTL Salzburg Salzburg Salzburg Stadt Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Design, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electronics 2300
HTL Hallein Salzburg Hallein Management, Information systems, Mechanical engineering, Ecodesign, sculpture design, Civil engineering, Cabinet making, Interior design, carpentry, Stonemasonry 1100
HTL Saalfelden Salzburg Saalfelden Elektrotechnik u. Informationstechnik, Mechatronics, Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Fachschule for computing, communication technology and civil engineering 800
HTBLuVA Graz - Gösting (BULME Graz) Styria Graz Electronics-Computer engineering, Electronics-Telecommunications, Multimedia technology, Electronics-Networking technology, Electrical engineering -Information technology / Project management, Electrical engineering -Information technology / Automation, Mechanical engineering, Engineering management-Information systems, Engineering management-Management/ Sport/ Logistics/ 2600
HTBLuVA Graz-Ortweinschule Styria Graz Civil engineering, Art and Design 1550
HTBL-Kapfenberg Styria Kapfenberg Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering 1000
HTL Zeltweg Styria Zeltweg Mechanical engineering, Industrial technology; Civil engineering, Engineering management 600
HTBLA Kaindorf Styria Kaindorf an der Sulm Computing and organisation, Mechatronics, Automation 950
HTL Leoben Styria Leoben Metallurgy, Logistics 430
I-HTL Bad Radkersburg Styria Bad Radkersburg Electrical engineering 100
HTBLuVa Voitsberg Styria Voitsberg Mechanical engineering 100
HTL Weiz Styria Weiz Mechanical engineering, Environmental engineering, Engineering management, Electrical engineering, Information technology 1000
HTL Bregenz Vorarlberg Bregenz Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering,

Engineering management, Fachschule for mechanical engineering, Fachschule for electrical engineering

HTL Dornbirn Vorarlberg Dornbirn Clothing technology, Information systems, Textile management, Chemical engineering,Fachschule for computing, Fachschule for clothing, Fachschule for textile chemistry 1200
HTBLuVA Rankweil Vorarlberg Rankweil Electronics, Fachschule for electronics, Civil engineering (with subdepartments Hochbau and Tiefbau), Kolleg for Interior design and wood technology 850
Camillo Sitte Lehranstalt Vienna Landstraße Civil engineering 1200
HTL Wien 3 Rennweg Vienna Landstraße Mechatronics, Information technology, Computing 1000
Schulzentrum Ungargasse, Wien 3 Vienna Landstraße Engineering management, Information technology, Fachschule for mechanical engineering, Leather design 1000
HTBLVA Spengergasse Vienna Margareten Medical Informatics, Informatics, Animation/Gamedesign and Interior/Surfacedesign, Business Informatics and Technical Management 2600
HTL Wien 10 Vienna Favoriten Electronics, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics, Environmental engineering 1020
HTL Wien West Vienna Ottakring Electronics, Information technology, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Computing and communication technology 1550
HBLVA für chemische Industrie Vienna Hernals Biochemestry, Chemical-Informatics, Environmental engineering 1000
Technologisches Gewerbe Museum, TGM Wien Vienna Brigittenau Electronics, Electrical engineering, Information technology, Mechanical engineering, Materials engineering, Engineering management, Industrial Engineering 3000
HTL Donaustadt Vienna Donaustadt Information technology, Communication technology, Computing, Fachschule for Electronics 1300
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