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Hötorget, seen from the north

Hötorget (Haymarket) is a city square in the center of Stockholm. During the daytime it is the site of a fruit and vegetable market, except on Sundays, when flea markets are arranged.

To its east lies the Royal Concert Hall, to its south lies the Filmstaden Sergel, one of the largest multiscreen cinemas in inner-city Stockholm, and the Hötorgshallen food market halls, and to the west lies the PUB department store. Southeast of the square are the five high-rise office buildings Hötorgsskraporna. To the north is the Kungshallen food court.

The Hötorget Metro station was opened in 1952 and is decorated with light blue tiles. The station kept its "vintage" style comparing it to other modern stations of the line, it includes the original construction arrangements and material as tiles, signs, illumination, etc. It counts with an art exposition on the ceiling of the station.

Actual Metro station with original tiles, signs, etc.

The platforms of Hötorget metro station make a brief appearance in Madonna's "Ray of Light" music video.

Coordinates: 59°20′06″N 18°03′47″E / 59.335°N 18.063°E / 59.335; 18.063