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Center of Hørning
not to be confused with the village of Hørning in Randers municipality

Hørning is a town in central Denmark with a population of 7,265 (1 January 2015),[1] located in Skanderborg municipality on the peninsula of Jutland just south of Aarhus and is a suburb today.

Hørning should not be mistaken for Herning which is the bigger, more metropolitan city in Jutland where the regional train passing through Hørning is also destined to.


Hørning got its name from a bend in the main road that runs through the town. In Danish, a bend can be loosely translated to "Hjørne" (Corner), and "ing" (People) is a typical ending for city names in Denmark, dating the name to the Middle Ages. Over the years the "j" disappeared, and thus the name became Hørning. The bend in the main road is close by "Hørning Kro", the town inn. On the other side of the bend, you'll find the old rider school, which was a commoners' school built by King Frederick IV.

Notable people[edit]

  • Johannes Hjelmslev (1873 in Hørning – 1950) a mathematician who worked in geometry and the history of geometry

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Coordinates: 56°5′6″N 10°2′8″E / 56.08500°N 10.03556°E / 56.08500; 10.03556