Húnaþing vestra

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Húnaþing vestra
Skyline of Húnaþing vestra
COA Hunathing vestra.png
Coat of arms of Húnaþing vestra
Hunathing vestra map.png
Location of Húnaþing vestra
Húnaþing vestra is located in Iceland
Húnaþing vestra
Húnaþing vestra
65°23′49″N 20°56′31″W / 65.397°N 20.942°W / 65.397; -20.942Coordinates: 65°23′49″N 20°56′31″W / 65.397°N 20.942°W / 65.397; -20.942
RegionNorthwestern Region
ConstituencyNorthwest Constituency
ManagerGuðný Hrund Karlsdóttir
Area3,019 km2 (1,166 sq mi)
Density0.39/km2 (1.0/sq mi)
Municipal number5508
Postal code(s)500, 530, 531

Húnaþing vestra is a municipality located in northern Iceland by Húnaflói gulf. It was founded on 7 June 1998 by the merging of all 7 of the old rural municipalities of Vestur-Húnavatnssýsla. They were: Staðarhreppur, Fremri-Torfustaðahreppur, Ytri-Torfustaðahreppur, Kirkjuhvammshreppur, Hvammstangahreppur, Þverárhreppur and Þorkelshólshreppur. On 1 January 2012 the municipality was merged with the county of Bæjarhreppur but kept the name Húnaþing vestra.

Húnaþing vestra consists of the three fjords Hrútafjörður og Miðfjörður, and Húnafjörður. Between are the peninsulas of Heggstaðanes and Vatnsnes. Its major settlement is Hvammstangi, but it also has the villages of Laugabakki, Reykir and Borðeyri.


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