Húrin the Tall

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Húrin the Tall
Tolkien's legendarium character
Aliases Lord Húrin, Warden of the Keys
Race Men
Book(s) The Return of the King

Húrin the Tall is a fictional character in J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium,appearing Return of the King.

He was a Man of Minas Tirith in the Third Age. He was of a high rank in the city, and was usually referred to as Lord Húrin and Warden of the Keys.

During the War of the Ring, he led the cavalry of Minas Tirith to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields together with Prince Imrahil. After the death of Steward Denethor II, with Faramir incapacitated in the Houses of Healing and Aragorn leading forces to the Black Gate, the command of the city fell to Húrin for a short time. After the ultimate defeat of Sauron, Húrin officiated at Aragorn's coronation, and it was he who granted entry to the city for the newly crowned King Elessar, executing his post of the Warden of the Keys.

Other version of the legendarium[edit]

Nothing is known of Húrin's descent, but some Tolkien fans have proposed his kinship with the House of the Stewards of Gondor.[1]

In a draft variant of Appendix A to The Lord of the Rings Húrin is said to have been the father of one Morwen, who was wedded to Éomer of Rohan.[2] Later, however, this idea was apparently discarded as Éomer became the husband of Lothíriel.