Hürriyet Daily News

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Hürriyet Daily News
Istanbul -Hürriyet- 2000 by RaBoe 02.jpg
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Doğan Media Group
EditorFikret Bila
FoundedMarch 1961
Political alignmentCentre-left, political liberalism
HeadquartersHürriyet Medya Towers, Güneşli, 34212 Istanbul, Turkey

The Hürriyet Daily News, formerly Hürriyet Daily News and Economic Review and Turkish Daily News, is the oldest current English-language daily in Turkey, founded in 1961. The paper was bought by the Doğan Media Group in 2001 and has been under the media group's flagship Hürriyet from 2006; both papers were sold to Demirören Holdings in 2018.[1]


Hürriyet Daily News has generally taken a secular and liberal or centre-left position on most political issues, in contrast to Turkey's other main English-language daily, the Daily Sabah, which is closely aligned with the Justice and Development Party of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Another conservative competitor, the Gülen movement-run Today's Zaman, was shut down by the government following 2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt.[2]

In May 2018, the new Erdoğan-aligned owners appointed a new editor and publisher and stated that they intended to run the paper as an independent, non-partisan voice, in implicit contrast to both its previous secular orientation and the Daily Sabah.[3]


The current editor-in-chief is Vahap Munyar, who replaced Fikret Bila in May 2018.[4][1]


The paper contains domestic, regional, and international news coverage, economic and cultural reporting, as well as regular opinion pieces from leading Turkish journalists and thinkers such as Mehmet Ali Birand,[5] Soner Çağaptay,[6] Nuray Mert,[7] Mustafa Akyol,[8] İlhan Tanir,[9] Burak Bekdil,[10] Sedat Ergin,[11] Semih İdiz,[12] and former editor David Judson.[13][14]


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